The Concept

If you believe you create your own personal reality than you understand the principle behind “Diet Jewelry™”. It is through the power of intent that you create your reality, so why not create the reality to lead you to your desired weight? You might need a little help in the beginning, That is where “Diet Jewelry™” can assist you.

No pills, no required dieting, no required exercise, but of course these are all optional because you will make the right choices leading you to release your undesired weight you have been holding on to.

what is it

Each silver tone magnetic jewelry locket necklace is 1” in diameter and 18” long. They come with five interchangeable weight release inserts. The inserts have round adornment iconic images on one side and on the other side you list the weight you wish to release. The five adornment iconic images consist of the, Chakra System, The Flower of Life, The 12 Human Strands of DNA, The Yin & Yang, and The Lotus Flower. These images were carefully chosen as they connect you to your truest essence. Wear them and release the weight you desire, with your thoughts. Give them as gifts and spread the fun and excitement of remembering the true you in your desired weight.

Each Diet Jewelry™ silver tone magnetic locket necklace is 1” in diameter and 18” long. They come with five interchangeable weight release inserts. The necklace and the 5 charm adornments are $19.99

Flower of Life “thought to act as a template from which all life springs”



The “Chakra” system is a Sanskrit term literally meaning “wheel.”  7 life force energy centers that determine our state of health and balance



The 12 strands of genetic and spiritual Human DNA of which only 2 are active at this time



The lotus flower represents a symbol of fortune, enlightenment, purification, faithfulness and the color of the flower bears importance, ”white Purity”, “red compassion & love”. “blue wisdom & enlightenment”



yin & yang, describes how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.




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More About
Diet Jewelry™

Diet Jewelry™, delivered in the form of a diet necklace, has been designed to empower our truest  holistic essence, through the practice and techniques of Metaphysics, Eastern Medicine,  ancient historical practices and all that we know about the human body.   Healthy natural weight loss is attainable with our thoughts, deeds and practices. You are actually creating your own personalized healthy diet program.  No diet pills, diet drinks, liposuction, tummy tucks are necessary to sculpt away belly fat. Flabby underarms, thunder thighs, rhino honches, love handles.  Our diet plan leads you through a healthy diet with you designing your own diet program and weight management, using simple techniques that take you beyond diet and trend diet even one day diets or one week diets  to become the new you through intention, visualization and Abracadabra: As I speak I create.