Achieving Your Goals

Eat organic when possible.Watch your sugar and sodium intake. Eat to nourish, not to fill your stomach. Pay attention to eating for your blood type, this is locked into your DNA. Watch and pay attention to your thoughts. Speak consciously as even the words you say create your reality. Use muscle testing when available to listen to what your body is calling out for. Use your intuition to choose your foods wisely. All live organic and inorganic things are made up of energy; you are energy. The most energy rich foods come from the plant kingdom as they are the closest to the Sun’s energy. The energy derived from foods that come from animals are prone to the treatment of the animal. Fermented foods are highly advised in your every day diet. Be sure to drink plenty of clear filtered water.

Take Charge of your health

Some homework required.

Planning sometime for you, and making it a priority to focus on you as well as keeping boredom at bay. These three areas create a foundation to build on.